Area: 1868.911 (722 sq.mi.)

Population: 34855 (as of 2005)

Density: 19/ (48/sq.mi.)

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Anessis Hotel
Category: 3***
Apollonion Hotel
Category: 2**
Avaris Hotel
Category: 5*****
Dryas Hotel
Category: 4****
Elvetia Hotel
Category: 2**
Galini Hotel
Category: 2**
Kedros Village Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Kedros Village
Korys Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Lecadin Hotel
Category: 2**
Likouresi Village Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Likouresi Village
Melegos Hotel
Category: 3***
Montana Hotel
Category: 5*****
Oihalia Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Sunrise Traditional Hotel
Category: L'CLASS
Villa Virginia Hotel
Category: 2**
Villa Virginia
Xenonas Archontiko Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Xenonas Archontiko

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Evrytania is a part of central Greece which is mostly formed of mountains offering fascinating landscapes and sights. Being the least populated area in Greece this destination is an excellent choice for people looking for privacy, solitude and various activities as trekking, hiking, canoeing. Getting to the place is easy due to a well developed roads junction.

Evrytania will not offer tourists a wide choice of luxurious hotels and places to stop (it is one of the poorest regions in Greece). There are guesthouses, 5 star hotels and small cozy inns for curious travelers investigating the land. The most luxurious hotel is the SPA Montana Karpenisi offering open air hotel, Jacuzzi and a range of luxurious facilities as full service SPA, wellness center, bars and restaurants. This hotel will be the greatest choice for those travelers who look for rest and relaxation far from city buzz. Oriades Hotel Karpenisi is one of the cheapest places offering just rooms for comfortable and cozy rest. Family rooms are also provided. Among the facilities the tourists will enjoy only cafeteria.

Though the choice of places to stop in is not very big, still Evrytania is a great region to visit. It features a mild soft climate which is a Mediterranean one greatly affected with mountains. A bigger part of the area gets covered with snow in winter. A cold part of the year features harsh weather with rapid rainfalls and snowfalls. Evrytania is beautiful in winter still the best season to relax and restore vitality there is from April to September with average temperatures fluctuating within 17 to 28C.

Travelers will enjoy nice local restaurants offering ethnic Greek cuisine and numerous family owned hospitable cafes and cafeterias treating their visitors with various original dishes you can find only there. Evrytania is a land of lush greeneries and majestic mountains providing tranquility and solitude to people who value privacy!
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